Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Test drove a new 330i at Crevier BMW today! They had two 330s, a Silver 6-speed w/ Sport Package on the showroom floor and a Sparkling Graphite Automatic, non-sport one used for demo drives. Here are my thoughts:

- Sparkling Graphite - This is the first time that I've seen it in the daylight and was not wowed. To me, it has a slight brown tint to it. It might look a lot better w/ the Terra interior. It still looks good, but it looked a lot better in the showroom in Amsterdam under the lights. I think that this color photographs better than others. I can learn to love it!

- Titanium Silver - WOW - THIS LOOKS AMAZING on the E90. This is the color that really shows off the new body - I wish that I had ordered this color...

- Natural Poplar wood - Looks awesome! I'm glad that I got this now. It's much darker than any other Poplar in any other BMW that I've ever seen. Compared to the Burl Walnut, it has a definite brown hue and should look great w/ the Terra leather. I'd recommend that anyone getting the beige leather definitely get the Poplar wood.

- Minor details: Compared to the cars that I saw in Amsterdam last month, the US Spec cars were missing a lot of little interior upgrades. Missing were the rear outlet plugs, the outlet plug in the trunk, the split/sliding armrest (like in the E60), and the trunk organizer drawer. Out of all those the upgrades, the sliding armrest would've been nice.

The car is phenomenal driver - much better than the last E46 330i ZHP that I drove. The sport package seats are awesome. Much better support than the E46 SP seats. The SP steering wheel is nice and fat and feels great in your hands - reminds me of the M3 wheel. Brakes were incredible. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of my very own E90!

3 days until wheels up and 7 days until pick up in Munich!


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